August 16, 2021

Whether to lighten up consumer stocks?

How to invest in medical treatment and liquor?

Insurance capital said that 彩鑽投資 in late July, the a-share market adjusted as a whole, and blue-chip stocks such as consumer and pharmaceuticals lost blood.

A reporter from the Financial Associated Press learned from the industry that an insurance company had previously reduced its holdings in consumer stocks, and its current position is low, and the current valuation of consumer stocks is not cheap, so it will not consider increasing its position significantly in the short term.

Another insurance asset manager said that the market will be dominated by structured markets for some time to come. It is recommended to seize investment opportunities to over-allocate A-shares and lower-allocate Hong Kong stocks.

Specific to the medical and liquor sectors, some insurance asset management companies believe that one is to intensively look for investment opportunities, and the other is to look for companies with poor expectations and poor sustainable growth capabilities from the bottom up.

Organize to reduce inventory costs, and do not consider a substantial increase in inventory in the short term. "Due to concerns about the policy uncertainty caused by strict regulations such as education and anti-monopoly, the a-share market as a whole was adjusted in late July. In terms of industry sectors, July overall

There is a pattern of more declines and less rises, with 19 of the 28 Shenwan-level industry indexes falling. The current structural market is concentrated in the technology growth sector, and blue-chip stocks such as consumer and pharmaceuticals that were optimistic in the early stage have suffered serious blood loss." Asset manager of a large insurance company

Said to the Cailian reporter.

However, the investment director of an insurance company told the Financial News Agency that the current valuation is not cheap. For example, the historical quantile of catering valuation is still above 80%, so there is no bottom line.

He said, "For the consumer sector, positions have 阿里巴巴業績 dropped significantly. Some positions were cut before the Spring Festival, and some were cut after the Spring Festival. Since the logic of increasing certainty has been weakened, the rebound will not be too strong and will not be considered in the short term.

Significantly increase the position." However, there are still institutions that are optimistic about the long-term investment value of consumption.

The relevant person in charge of the Asset Management Department of Aixin Life told the Cailian News that this year the two sessions once again emphasized the "development pattern with domestic and international cycles as the main body and mutual promotion of domestic and international dual cycles." Consumption is an important part of the internal cycle.

A link that cannot be ignored in future investment.

In the short term, the epidemic has repeatedly affected consumption recovery.

However, in the medium and long term, economic development drives the increase of per capita disposable income, and internal circulation promotes policy stacking, so the long-term investment value of consumption is still relatively strong.

The above-mentioned person in charge also 加拿大投資移民 believes that as the post-1990s and post-21st century have become a new driving force for consumption, the popularity of consumer behavior has changed people's consumption behavior, and new consumption and incremental markets have attracted more and more attention from the capital market.

In addition to traditional consumption, we also pay close attention to new consumption and look for suitable investment opportunities.

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August 09, 2021

The basics of beauty and skin care that every woman should know

Many women now buy all kinds of 如新評價 cosmetics and apply them on their faces, but how much do we know about the basics of skin care? Although many women take care of their skin every day, it is true skin care. Share some knowledge of beauty and skin care here, you can learn about it now if you are interested.

1. Cleanliness is the key

2. Moisturizing

They say that women are made of water, so how could women not care for water. Sufficient water for our skin every day, timely replenishment of water, at the same time, regular makeup water mask every week. In this way, our skin is moisturized, both internally and externally.

3. Sun protection

In summer, many women pay more attention to sun protection, but it is easy to ignore sun protection in autumn and winter. In fact, there is ultraviolet radiation throughout the year. The intensity of ultraviolet radiation in autumn and winter is not lower than that in summer. Therefore, even in autumn or winter, sunscreen should be applied when going out to reduce the damage of ultraviolet radiation to the skin.

4. Beauty sleep

5. Wash your face. Wash your face with warm water (about 40°C); when using facial cleanser, foam with your hands first, then apply it on your face, making a circular motion from the inside to the outside, and then rinse with water.

6. Choose cosmetics correctly and reasonably. Cosmetics 如新評價 should be selected according to skin type. For example, oily skin should choose cosmetics with lower oil content, and dry skin should choose cosmetics with higher oil content. Seasonal factors should also be considered when choosing cosmetics. For example, in the hot and humid season, choose refreshing cosmetics. In cold and dry seasons, choose moisturizing cosmetics with high oil content. In addition, factors such as age and environment must also be considered. In short, only the correct choice of skin care products can improve the skin.

kill. Get rid of bad habits. Don't rub your eyes, don't pick up pimples and pimples with your hands, don't rub your face, don't use other people's cosmetics and makeup tools.

Figure 8. Control the power supply time. Excessive makeup time will affect the absorption and excretion function of the skin, and will damage the health of the skin, especially oily skin, allergic skin and frequent heavy makeup require special attention. It is best not to put on makeup 如新評價 for more than four hours. In special cases, if you need to put on makeup for a long time, you can find a way to rest your skin after four hours, and then put on makeup.

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